Monday, February 14, 2011

Feeling the Love!

Yay! For Valentine's Day, we're having a 15% off sale in BOTH of our online shops!

Just type in "BEMINE" at checkout, and you can get 15% off of the whole entire order. Pretty sweet stuff there. Oh, and I shouldn't tell you this, but you'll ALSO get a really cute Valentine from us that is good for another $15 off of your next purchase.


  1. Michelle!
    I love your corsets, I own two, and some of your other products besides, and I'm very impressed with the quality. So I was surprised and horrified to see your newest one in Etsy - the white one with cheap plastic lace! Your corsets are beautiful and well-made, don't make them look like Hot Topic by sticking that stuff all over it!

  2. I LOVE those corsets, they don't look cheap and where do you see PLASTIC? Get some glasses! Anonymous, you are ... I won't call names, but wow. I own quite a few of her products and not one of them look cheap. The black and white one looks classy and wonderful. Keep your negativity to yourself, we come here for inspiration!

  3. Um, I see plastic, it's the synthetic lace. I'd be even MORE horrified if that were cotton lace - it would be of unimaginably bad quality. I visibly cringe when I see people wearing lace like that.

    It was in anticipation of comments like yours that I posted anonymously. I'm not up for getting flamed by self-righteous people because they don't like that my opinions on my favourite corset-maker differ from their own. I'm not here to flame Michelle or tell her she makes shitty corsets. I, too, come here for inspiration, and, like I said, own several of her products already. This is why I was dismayed to see that lace on those otherwise wonderful corsets - because I love Damsel, I think the corsets are excellent quality and excellent price besides, and because I know this is a company that prides itself on being the best.
    If I had first found her etsy page today, and saw those corsets, I would have turned away, which would be sad because I really love the quality and workmanship in my Damsel corsets. Michelle's corsets are, hands down, the best ready-made corsets you can buy for under $100. (I'm not even sure there are better ready-mades for more than that.) That's why I'm so saddened to see the most recent ones adorned in poor lace - Damsel is better stuff than that.

  4. Hey Ladies! Whew! Thanks for your opinions! I know a lot of lace-haters, and I do understand it. I think the lace might definitely show up as looking "plasticy", so she might have a point. I can assure you that I try my very hardest to put out the best quality products I can. If something looks crappy, it IS good to let me know, and then maybe I can retake the pictures and be sure that they're presented in the best light. I promise, if I thought my stuff looked like Hot Topic when I held it and looked at it in person, I would be horrified too.
    Thanks, Ladies.

  5. Oh, and M, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. It seems like you ladies are both fans, and you guys are the ones that make it so I can pay for my bills! ;) Thanks for looking out for me. My customers are DEFINITELY quality control for our company, and I do listen to them when they have the courage to say things to me that might be taken negatively.

  6. I will say that while I love the concept of those lacy underbusts the black stitching and where the lace ends in the photo do make it look a little cheaper than her average product. The black stitching stands out so much from the white fabric that you can see every little detail in a very non flattering way. Also where the lace ends on the bottom about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the corset has a really odd seam and it breaks up the slimming effect.

    But that's my $0.02 I'm currently too broke to think of getting a new one any time soon although I would totally love to put some lace on a nice brown underbust someday for my steampunk character.

  7. I think that that is the joy of the many designs we get from Damsel. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But don't call anything she's done Cheap. It is totally disrespectful! I don't think it is bad to get feedback, just bad to get it in such a negative way!

    Anonymous is just another way of saying "I shouldn't say this."

    I just was so enraged by what was said. Words like cheap, etc. shouldn't be used when someone so dearly cares for her work. Honesty (in your eyes) does not have to be rude.

    I for one am really picky and when I saw those I thought "what an awesome contrast."

    Don't buy it if you don't like it. But learn to get some manners. At least Bobbi was nice enough to BE nice about it. That was the feedback that should be done.

    Ok, I'm done with this one, lol. I'm not saying anymore. I Just hope people learn to be more respectful. Especially about someone we adore. I'd rather see Michelle express her creativity than not. A comment like that could make someone hesitate and I'd hate to see what that would mean ... a design not made that would totally rock.

    Feedback is good, but learn how to be tactful.

    Thank you Michelle for even poking your nose into this, this is the last thing you should have to deal with.

  8. @M you're right cheap is probably not the right word.

    As for @Anonymous the quality of lace while it does look like acetate lace net that's a really unfortunate nitpick to have considering what cotton or silk lace costs.

    I also make costumes and I personally collect lace for steampunk projects and other personal pieces. To get lace in bulk even is a pretty significant investment. Honestly I know that if she were to make the same underbust with just under a yard of high quality cotton lace (based on the 13inch length of my vixen and some wiggle room for fraying/ pattern matching) would up the cost of the corset about $50 (give or take based on Michelle's method of markup).

    If I get to a financial place where I can afford more bodices I know I would probably see if I could send Michelle the lace I want just because I'm picky and because I have a pretty significant collection of lace but calling something cheap just because it's synthetic is really not a very intelligent or relevant critique. The only reason most of my lace isn't acetate (which is at least 1/2 the composition of most laces on the market no matter what they cost) is that I buy it at yard sales and thrift stores and I salvage it from old clothes.

    Wow, sorry for the novel. I just meant to agree with M

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