Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Sale

The picture above is me and my sister in our matching shirts. This was after a sweaty day of sawing down trees, loading wheelbarrows of firewood and hauling them uphill, and clearing huge piles of brush and undergrowth on their pretty spot in Ohio. You can see that I was stupid enough to still put on makeup for the day.

Phew. Between the deadly tornado hitting my home town of Joplin (My parents technically live in the country right outside of Joplin, but that's where we did all of our work, shopping, and family stuff, so it's definitely my home town!), having all of my weekends sucked out of my life by the festival, having my little 4 year old boy nearly snap a bone in his hand and have it swell to twice its size, traveling to Ohio for 4 days to see my sister, having out trailer tires give up on life, and sitting here waiting for my sister in law to have her baby (she's 3 days past her due date), the month of May REALLY was as bad and WORSE than I anticipated.
I'm so TREMENDOUSLY glad that it's over. I only have one more big festival this month, and then I get to take a much needed 2 month break from doing festivals. In that time, I'm planning on designing some insanely cool Halloween themed corsets, coming out with some limited edition styles of corsetry, and putting some new fantastic things on our website.
In the meanwhile, in my immense relief for having conquered May, I'm having a sale in my artfire shop where you can get 20% off your entire order through this Sunday (June 5th). This will also help me with my packing for the next show.....so it might be partly selfishness. Either way, I DO want to thank my lovely customers for helping this month be better. I am very grateful for all of your prayers and thoughts for me and my extended family members that had their houses destroyed, and I'm completely in debt to the lovely ladies that came in the last few sweltering weekends of the renaissance festival and cheered me up.


  1. As tough as May was, I'm glad you came out the other side safe and sound. And thank you for the sale, I can't wait to get my hand on my mini stagecoach skirt!

  2. and i thought work was bad... hang in there. love & strength.