Monday, April 25, 2011

The Lusty Month of May

How could it POSSIBLY be May again? I'm yawning just thinking about it. I'll be honest here, I feel like I've been hit by a truck....a truck that is ironically being driven by hot pink Peeps and Cadbury Eggs. I know I talk a lot about my ardent love for sugar here, and I'm sorry if you guys are sick of it, or if you think I'm an unstable emotional eater. I totally am.

So, back to the month of May. I'm going to ask a HUGE favor of everyone....and I hate asking for help, because I'm so proud. Here's the deal. I just need you to be nice and patient with me. I work every single weekend in May, and in the weeks between, I hurl myself back into the van, drive the 3 hours BACK to my home base, and spend all of the weekdays restocking for the show. I turn into an overworked, undersexed, overwhelmed, very hollow shadow of myself. It's extraordinarily kind and sweet of you ladies to encourage me to take time out for myself and to de-stress, but the ones saying that are never the ones that have orders on the line. Once again, I know what I signed myself up for, now that I've done this business for over 6 years professionally. I DO love what I do, but the month of May is NEARLY as hard as October for me. As you can imagine, October is a whirlwind of hellish deadlines, impatient customers, impossible requests, and...well....crazy people. May is more like the evil stepsister of October. She kicks me in the head and screams at me, demanding I shovel more coal on her inferno.

So...yup, that's all I'm asking. Just be nice and patient. I'm planning on trying a FEW de-stressing type things....hoping to pick up my guitar and relearn how to play. I'm debating on whether or not I want to haul it to the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival and rock out if there is ever dead time in the booth (which there WON'T be!) I also thought it would be cool to see if I could hula-hoop in a corset.

Oh, one last note! I worked 17 hours today, waking up a 4, skipping breakfast, and powering through until the evening, but I GOT TONS of your custom orders done! yay!!!


  1. Can I just say I love that picture?

    Also ice cream and chocolate cheer me up a lot so I feel you on the sugar thing. Massive sweet tooth here!

    I am always patient and try not to add to your stress, which is probably why everytime I send you an e-mail about an issue I go through a massive self guilt trip over whether it will cause you extra grief. I am always afraid you will be in an emotional state and read my words as though I am some crazy banshee yelling profanities and demanding blood from you. I strive so very very hard not to do that, I literally read and revise my e-mails a million times before I send them, which is probably why they turn into ramblings...like this seems to be.

    My point is despite knowing you love your job and your understanding of the crazy things you get yourself into, I hate to see you get overly stressed about it all. I gather though it can't be helped, hence why I try not to be one of those demanding customers.

    I just hope that despite the busy hectic schedule you have that you do manage to find ways to keep yourself from overloading even if it is chowing down uncooked cookie dough while you push out yet another corset. You do what works for you.

    Just know I like you and all your hard work and the hard work of your family and friends, so even if you had a complete meltdown I'd still think you're awesome!

  2. Yay, Aimee! You're unfailingly nice and patient! I REALLY need to be more like you! You know, actually thinking about things before I say them!!!!

  3. Have you gotten your children to be sweat shop slaves yet? I remember somewhere you posting that, lol.

    You do wonderful, just remember, we'll remind you of that. And let us know the addressess of the bad ones, we have stacks of corsets we could beat them with. No...I don't want blood on those.

    Hm, I'm sure most of us have sharp implements. Let us know when you need them ;)


  4. I have actually hooped in the corset I got from you. Just FYI...ooh, I should make a matching hoop!

    I coordinate one summer arts festival and I cannot imagine how the vendors do it over and over and over again all summer - exhausting! Good luck with your events.

  5. After reading what you wrote I just had to try to hoola hoop wearing the wench corset I bought from you a year ago. Dispite the lack of breath and the movement restriction it is possible for a few minutes ;)

  6. Ive been thinking about hooping in one of your corsets for an age - suggest the Empire Corsair.

    Yay hoopers!

  7. I have recently discovered your site and your store and I LOOOVE it! Please be encouraged because I think what you are doing is wonderful. There will always be crabby, ungrateful people but there are always moments when they will surprise you. Thank you for being so unique and daring!

  8. Madamtae, I'm exactly the same whenever I need to email Michelle. I hate the thought that I might make her depressed or unhappy. She's so lovely and so helpful to her customers, that I feel the need to apologise whenever I order something that might be a bit more complicated than normal!

    By the way, SUGAR for the WIN! I havean order of 96 Cadbury creme eggs and 96 Cadbury caramello eggs in the mail which I am greatly looking forward to. I'm not going to lie, I'm well aware that sugar has a lot to do with my happy and cheerful attitude and that without it I'm a bit of a grump. :)