Monday, September 26, 2011

Day...I'm not sure what day we're on...Halloween Celebration Thing...ish.

Ah, villains! These are my favorite! A license to yell at people? Yes, please. I always love going to visit the queen of hearts at California Disney, because she's not all sugary sweet to my kids. She's stern and sarcastic-even though she doesn't talk...she does it all with body language. Genius!
Our Queen of Hearts corset this year doubles beautifully as a Harley Quinn piece (from Batman....she's a terrifying character, and the fact that I keep getting requests for this corset slightly worries me....I mean, there is "queen of hearts" evil, and then there is THAT kind of evil.....eeeek!)
Realistically, for Harley Quinn, you should find two pairs of REALLY high boots, one red, and one black, and then wear one from each set. Hair in pigtails is a must.
Sorry, I totally lost track of what day we are on, but I SHOULD say that my Halloween Celebration will end this Friday, so basically I will shop putting out brand new costumes with photoshoots and videos, and I will instead be making more READY MADE pieces that can be shipped out immediately in all of the sizes. This has been far too big of an undertaking, and I didn't understand what I was getting myself into, nor do I understand how to get out of it. Anyhow, we have one more festival to do before Halloween ( www.lvrenfair.com) and then for the rest of October, I'll be making fantastic pieces for artfire and etsy, so if you're a procrastinator, you can pick up something splendid and I will ship it out the next day!


  1. How evil Harley is really depends on the version of her being discussed. In the Batman Animated Series when she was introduced she was a quirky non-violent villian that was just really really infatuated by the Joker. That is the personality that most girls attribute to her even if they are wearing the costume of the more violent Arkham Asylum version. The main deciding factor between the costumes is that the Arkham Asylum outfit is more visually interesting and doesn't involve any spandex.

  2. OMG - I thought this was a steampunk Cruella deville, and I just thought - if she comes up with a steampunk Maleficient, I will have to buy it. (The story goes when I was four, I came home from watching Sleeping Beauty unimpressed with the princess and in love with Maleficient.)

  3. I love, love, love the Queen of Hearts outfit. The problem is that I'm not particularly keen on red/white/black so I really don't think I'd wear the pieces not as a full QoH ensemble.

    I know this has been a huge amount of work for you, but it's been such fun for us. I've loved having the new costumes to look forward to every day. I will be placing an order once the pumpkin costume is up (I NEED the hat for work since I'll be on special event duty in October) though I'm not 100% which pieces I'll be getting (I have 8 bookmarked so far).

  4. OOoooh. I am loving the Harley outfit. She's out of the picture for this year, but I just may have to be her next year!

  5. You know me and Harley, you've made me THREE Harley corsets/outfits. I love this one!!! =)