Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rustycon Cancellation-Stupid Snow!!!

OH, friends! You can't imagine how sick to my stomach I am about this!! We were all packed up and ready to go to Rustycon in Seattle, and I was THRILLED because I was going to attend the balls and have a lovely time at the hotel, meeting Seattle customers and basking in the warm glow that geek conventions emanate.

We had heard about all of the hideous storms going on up in the Northwest, and I knew that the predictions were that Utah was going to get hit pretty hard too. I turned a blind, stubborn eye to it all and figured that by sheer will and determination, we could still make the 16 hour drive up to Seattle and I could set up my racks full of all the lovely things we've made! (You guys have no idea! I specifically made things for my Seattle fan-base, and we had HUNDREDS of new items that were simply stunning and amazing! I haven't been able to show them to anyone, because our dang photo studio has been under construction, so I was just keeping them secret until I could unveil them dramatically to a gasping and sighing gaggle of women!!)

Anyhow, the more we frantically and furtively checked the weather, the worse the conditions appeared. On our way up through Oregon, there were CHAIN RESTRICTIONS all over the place, because the roads were so bad! There was road closures all over the place, and we watched several little weather videos where there was the shivering weatherman, in his fur trimmed parka, squinting through the flurries of snow as he glumly reported record snow fall, when much to his surprise and the camera-man's delight, a car spun around in several circles in the street right behind him!!! That did it for me. I figured that if cars were doing ballet in the middle of the streets of Seattle, we had BETTER not attempt the arduous journey with our Ford Excursion and 17 foot long trailer. We don't even have 4 wheel drive! Who KNOWS how long the actual trip could take! A 16 hour trip could quickly turn into a 26 hour trip. *shudder* It's just not worth putting our lives in danger, NOT EVEN for corsets.

So, ladies, I'm truly sorry, but I DO want to remind you that we'll be RIGHT BACK in Seattle for the Faeriecon February 10-12th, and I will just save all of our amazing inventory for THAT show! Once again, if you need tickets, I will have them available and I can get you in for free! ;) (Although, I need to lovingly remind the guy to send them, so I can forward them to those of you who have already been smart enough to take me up on my offer!)


  1. Better safe then sorry! It would be horrendous if something bad happened! I hope you didn't lose any money for cancelling, I'm sure tons of people besides yourself had to cancel. I live 15 minutes from Seattle and nothing could convince me to go outside for anything!!

  2. Monica, we lost a bit of money, but I figure it will go to good uses. I love conventions, and I strongly believe in what they're doing! ;) Thank you so much for your support and concern, and I hope you guys keep safe up there as well!

  3. As an Oregonian, I can tell you that the news & weathermen here treat any snow accumulation like it is the great apocalypse. Add to that the fact that people from the northwest are genetically incapable of driving in inclement weather conditions and you have idiots sliding in circles in 1/2 inch of snow. I am not sure what the streets looked like in Seattle that weekend, but they were really quite clear in Portland. Chain requirements are fairly standard fare for any of the mountain passes here all winter, so it may be something to plan on in the future, or cross the mountains further south.