Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Failures and Never Agains

What the what?? What, praytell, is this???? Well, this is me(about 30 pounds ago) along with a selection of past work that I am warning you that I will never do again. It's important to understand that there is A LOT of dang thought that goes into all of the pieces and patterns I do. Lots of patterns seem like a stupendous idea, but then when I actually sew them up, I feel hiding my face in shame. Some other ideas turn out being stunning, but they are so much work that I would have to charge $500 for them, and honestly, that's no who I feel my customer base is, and I don't WANT to cater to women dropping mortgage payment sized chunks of money on one single garment. I started this company because I wanted women to be able to get lavish, well-built corsets for an actual good price. I KNOW that I'm not the best, because if I was, once again, I would be charging closer to $500 just for underbust pieces and on up to $900 for overbust.
The thing is-I don't think I would connect that well with women who can drop that much money, because I'm not one of them. I truly don't think you can market to a community if you don't understand a thing about them. I was hoping to find other women that had a passion for romantic clothing, wanted to love and embrace their body shapes, and weren't afraid of a little attention! I can tell you right now, that's who my customers are, and I wouldn't trade them for the world.
OH, so back to the past corset patterns. The one above looks cute, but it's a B- to sew and lace on. We sold these my very first year in business, and though a lot of customers like them and gratefully, purchased them, I don't ever want to bring this back. The answer is NO. I have REALLY good reasons for how I run my company and what we make, and my main priority is that the customer can have a well fitted corset at the best price possible. Most of my failure corsets have either betrayed me by their fit or the fact that they took me too many hours of profanities, throwing scissors against the wall, and wallowing in sheer hot violence. They say everyone has a "price". Well, I don't. I'm not making certain things, no matter what people offer.
Hmm....I actually liked this one, but there were way too many things wrong with it. It was sort of a prototype of the Buccaneer, because I wanted something that had that sexy pirate feel. The buttons on this are hand-sewn on (Oh, GLORIOUS day when we found the button press and gave ourselves the ability to machine press buttons!!!) but I felt that the panels on either side of the grommets were too distracting and they were a pain in the bum to place and sew on top of the corset. I like how the lapel lays, and I might revisit that, but it would take a heck of a lot of frantic women emailing me, threatening me, and flattering me to get it done. ;)

There you go, enjoy a short gallery of past work. I'll see if I can dig up more abominations. This is therapeutic for me because I get to see how far I've come, as a person, as a business, and as a designer. The corsets we're making now are miles ahead of what we made even 2 years ago, and I sincerely hope that I HATE what I'm currently making in another five years!


  1. For what it's worth, I *loved* the Countess collars and was always hoping the style'd come back with a fabric I really loved. :)

  2. I effing LOVE the Buccaneer corset! I think you should tweak the design a little bit and bring it out! =D

  3. This blog post proves that you are an artist. Always improving and progressing. And thank goodness you are affordable - your customers' marriages are better for it!

  4. We love you for being someone we can connect with too! And making beautiful well made things affordable. I've purchased corsets before but because I'm very well endowed they were kinda hit and miss. I love that your patterns make we curvy women feel as pretty as we know we are!

  5. You're totally right about your market - we don't have a ton of spare cash, but we're dedicated fans and customers. I know I'd rather give you my corset money ten times over before experimenting with purchasing another unknown-iffy-corset from a new maker (oh, the tragic stories I have....)
    I personally love your overbust corsets, and really want to buy a second one. I do wish you'd offer them in the Artfire store more, because I do already have a few of your underbust corsets and, while I love them, I'm often NOT looking for the kind of attention that comes to my breastal-region when I wear those. I want to feel comfortable, NOT "on display", and secure.
    That said, I know this post is about patterns you're NOT doing again. That's cool... I respect that. If you were WERE to try a new version of the blue corset in the photo in this post, or using that bust profile with lapels like in the black and red corset shown, I'd snap it up. I really would. I'm happy to pay the additional labor and material cost on an overbust corset vs. the lower price of the underbust, because I know I'd get more use out of it.
    Just the $.02 of a customer. Cheers!

  6. Someone who likes the Latex Catsuits always has his reason, now it’s time to show your sexy charming.