Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Best Way to Spend the Money that the IRS took from you and then supposedly gave back.....

If you're really lost on how to spend your tax return, I've got an ingenius idea! Just go to our artfire store www.damselinthisdress.artfire.com and then buy up some awesome corsetry, because, well, let's face it, you deserve it, and THEN at checkout, type in woottaxreturn (just like that, no spaces, no dashes) in the coupon code box and you'll automatically get $20 knocked off of the top of any order or $75 or more. That $20 will make your S&H free and THEN some!
Now, remember, the REASON that I can make such great coupon codes and offers for my customers only on artfire is because they charge a flat rate per month for your studio, and they do NOT take any of the final sale. Places like etsy (though I love them dearly and still sell bumloads there) take a chunk of your final sale, and we have paid them more in one month then I spend on fabric (and THAT is saying something.) So, let's all support good businesses! You support us AND artfire, who are both striving to give their customers the best possible values and products possible, and I will continue to support you by being able to have the funds to make new designs, buy exciting new fabric, and basically take over the world with corsets!

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  1. exceptional work madam! You've made a loyal fan of me!