Thursday, March 1, 2012

FaerieCon Runway Show

Thank Heavens Marit can wear this shade beautifully! And seriously, thanks for jumping in willingly at the last minute! ;)

Kileen and me go way back, to a festival where we met a few years ago because of a common interest in expensive makeup and good corsets! ;)

This is Treela (who might possibly possess the sweetest boyfriend ever), whose lovely aunt made all of the falls and hairpieces you see in the models hair! Her company is Dreadful Falls (don't you just love it???) http://www.facebook.com/DreadfulFallsUSA Also, the jewelry was provided by Shiny Sparkly Things
http://www.facebook.com/ShinySparklyThings (Thanks, Sherri, you're a doll! I"m working on your corset trade right now! :)
This fracking adorable girl was a model for Firebird, who does the most gorgeous silk work I've ever seen!
Thanks again, Ladies


  1. *Gasp* These outfits are amazing, you can how much work was put into them :D I really wish I could go to a convention like this but unfortunately I don't like near any.
    I can't wait until I am able to own/wear a damsel in this dress corset of my very own :)

  2. The fashion show was a tun of fun. Thank you, Michelle, for letting me play dress up.