Friday, June 22, 2012

New Skirt! Name it!

 I'm SERIOUSLY excited about this new style of skirt! It is marvelously swagged, ruffled, and bustled to create a stunning silhouette, if I do say so myself. The front part of the main skirt is an a-line cut, more fitted to the hips and slightly flared at the bottom, and then all of the fullness is moved toward the back, where there is an adjustable drawstring for a customized fit.
 These ruffles in the back totally happened by accident, because they're really just scraps that you get naturally from cutting an
A-line skirt.  They DID cascade very well, because you've got that bias cut on the edge.  If you would like THIS skirt, just give me a name for it on our facebook post today (June 22nd) and if I pick your name, I'll send it right over to your house! ;)


  1. My name is Jackie Weatherbee, and I think the skirt should be called the Cascade Gigue. (pronounced ZHEEG.)

    1. Crap. I am trying to delete this so I can post it on facebook instead, but I can't! Darn my technological failures!

  2. My Name is Pam Davis.......The Skirt Name "Bootylicious"

  3. "My Ruffled Life" Skirt. I'm Danielle Green from North Dakota. :)

  4. melissa.schultz96@gmail.comJune 22, 2012 at 8:54 AM


  5. I'm sad that these contests are Facebook-only! This is an amazing new skirt, but I don't love it enough to sell my identity to Facebook to win it! :(

  6. Sharon Davis - "Bootyswag" Your ideas are just too clever...

  7. Can I just mention how phenomenal you look in that outfit? That is all. <3

  8. Why is this skirt not available now? It's GORGEOUS! :-D