Thursday, June 21, 2012

Name this Corset, You could WIN IT!

        We've basically got two new styles here....holy frack, I cannot think. I'm trying to recover from a low blood sugar episode. Anyone hypoglycemic out there? Put your hands in the air! Wooooot! Or....not........ : / Anyhow, I the new corset is an underbust with built in lapels that do some serious chest framing. If you really take a look at the actual lines of the corset and use your brain, you'll see that the wide lapels across the top make the waist visually smaller.
          This has more of a "vest" feel, AND you can attach sleeves to it, so it will have more of a coat look.
     You can tell that the corset Paige has on has slightly smaller lapels than the original green one that I'm wearing. I like the bigger ones for myself, but I KNOW that for commercial use, I will switch to the smaller, daintier ones. I DO like the contrasting lapel against the stripes in this bodice.
 Yes, I'm making you read about the actual styles before you get to read the rules about how to cast your vote.   So, I need a name for this new corset AS WELL as this new skirt. The skirt is so awesome that I'm keeping the ones from the photoshoot to wear for church. It is a very snug pencil skirt fit, and I've found firm stretchy suiting for these, so they mold the bum and hips nicely. They both feature knife pleats (that I did by  hand, swearing the whole time.) along the bottom and then military details coming in from the center panel. Good central focus, universally slimming, all that jazz. Click on the pictures to blow them up and see the skirts better.
Soooooo! If you would like to NAME either of these styles, hop onto www.facebook.com/damseldress and you should be able to cast your vote there. I'm closing the voting....whenever I feel like it tonight. You only get ONE entry for the corset and ONE for the skirt. If there are repeat or duplicate names, I will be sure to choose the person who posted it FIRST.   I will announce the winner...whenever I stop and take a break for dinner tonight, and I will be sure to announce them in BIG letters on facebook, and then send them personal messages to get their measurements so I can make them the piece that they named.

Oh, by the way. I have another FANTASTIC skirt for tomorrow, and maybe even some more stuff for Monday...if I stop getting hammered with custom orders.


  1. I really feel that skirt should be called the Annie Oakley.

  2. I LOVE this one, and have submitted my name for the corset, though i feel like the cut of the vest should go over the breast a bit more, to add more support and to help those of us who aren't well endowed to have the illusion of a little more bust. At least that's my take on it.

  3. it reminds me of peter pan :) i love it!

  4. AkiraRose, I've got the overbust version in the works, so have no fear!!!

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