Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Days of Christmas-Day 1

We are kicking off a "12 Days of Christmas" event, Damsel in this Dress style! For our first day, I have piles of these gorgeous full length skirts, in ALL different colors ( I was thinking that you lucky grab-bag recipients could collect some matching skirtages....) listed at only $39, instead of the normal $59. I'll keep them at this price for just today and tomorrow (December 14th and 15th) and then knock them back up to the price where I vaguely make money. ;) These will be listed in my artfire store, with the link below, and the "shop window" above.

Just a side note here. I have checked JoAnn fabrics MANY times for taffeta of this quality, and whenever I do find it, their prices are outrageous, even with their generous coupons. The normal price per yard for the pintuck taffeta, for instance, runs about $15-25.  Thus, if you  have a skirt that takes over 3 yards of fabric, which these DO, the price JUST for the fabric could be upwards of $75. Yikes. Even if you have a dang 40% off coupon, the price will still run you around $30..once again, just to get fabric that you haven't even sewn into anything. Bleh.

It's that whole idea of paying professionals to do something because they're set up to do it as a business, they're faster than you, seeing as they do it all day every day, and they  have all the machinery and get the raw materials wholesale. Goodness knows I would never attempt to sew my own pair of jeans. Anyhow, let ME be your seamstress. I like it, I love picking out fabrics, and I thoroughly enjoy the creative process and end result.

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