Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Last Days before Christmas...and then I'll still be doing cool stuff.

Holy Mackerel! For the last days until Christmas, I'm offering these $50 gift cards for only $39!  You can "sled" on over to artfire and grab one for a freaking good friend, or for yourself, because you most likely deserve it.

In the meanwhile, I'll be sitting around, cleaning up vomit and faux fur, hopefully NOT combined. ( I hate flue season, and I always feel SOOO bad for sick little kids.)  But seriously, friends, I finished up one of the faux- fur-trimmed vests today, and that ring of soft fur framing my face made me..beguiling! I was sitting at the mirror, feeling seriously vain. There is just something about the texture, the luxury, and the romance of fur!!! Anyhow, I'm beyond excited to get these done and show them to you! We'll most likely be listing them after Christmas, and I will warn you, the fur trimmed stuff will NEVER be available for custom ordering. I will only ever do large batches. If you think about it, you have to clean up piles and piles of fur whether you cut 1 vest or 60. Speaking of which, I had better make sure I make one for MYSELF while I'm at it!

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