Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nev-Fur Again! Oh, and Other January Joys!

            I wanted to name this new batch of corsets "The Ironic Doily" but I wasn't sure people would get it.  It's just that I'm OBSCESSED with these gorgeous Venise Lace appliques. They're high quality, they sew onto garments beautifully, and I adore the idea of intricate "shapes within shapes". I've found that when you're messing around with an hourglass, you can do really positive things and really BAD things (hence, the seam-ripper of justice!), to trick the brain into seeing things differently. With placing the lace, I endeavored to trick the eye into seeing even MORE of an hourglass, focusing on going IN and OUT in a dramatic way.

          So, I don't make New Year's Resolutions (I know, I'm such a hipster, right?) but I DO take January to seriously focus on myself and where I want the business to go. Back when I started this company, this used to be a "down" month for me, and I could take time producing inventory  for spring shows and drawing up designs, but as we've grown, I don't have the comfort of "down months" and every coming month seems increasingly packed with huge events and obligations!  I also have my brain which is always telling me to "PUSH", which is probably the reason that I did so many fur-trimmed things, and hated every second of it.

         It's not just that fur is messy when you cut it and it finds its way into every crook 'n' nanny (that is how my sister and I say nook and cranny.)


  1. I would love to see the appliques on a non-patterned corset! Think it would dress up a solid real well.

  2. I love, love, love, the lace! It's gorgeous!

  3. I hate fur too! I used to work at HobbyLobby for YEARS! And I was sort of a catch-all person, I basically did everything from cutting fabric, to working registers to working on frames. I HATED CHRISTMAS because people would come in for the faux fur for the Christmas Pagents and have me cut about 5-6 yards of fabric for them, with about 20 people in line waiting for the same bolt of faux fur. And the fur would get EVERYWHERE! I remember being sick, and when I went to blow my nose the fur would be in the mucus!! I even had fur in my undies thats how slinky these deals are! When I left Hobby Lobby I had cleaned out my vest's pockets and I pulled out wads of faux fur...so disgusting!

    I like the designs though, and those appliques had me the moment I opened the link!


  4. Haha! Thinks it's fantastic, but don't suit me.

  5. That is one beautiful corset. :) The name sounds nice too! Just perfect for a lovely clothing. Perhaps you might want to share some style ideas on plus size clothing as well. That would be a great topic.

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