Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How New Patterns Get Introduced

 I've had some facebook discussions on this today, but I figured it would be good to immortalize these guys into a blog, and that way I can look back at this and laugh at  how far the pattern has come. That's how it always goes. Anyhow, the top pattern is actually the second version of this guy (the pictures loaded backwards.)   If you look below, you can see the first version.   The red version is incorporating the idea of d-rings for adjustability in the back, as opposed to the grommets from below.
The WHOLE idea  here was to have two different WIDTHS of grommet placement so the shoulders could not only adjust higher and lower, but also wider or narrower. I got a lot of comments about how the back didn't look finished, look "right" and so forth. I totally agree.  That's why the dang thing is a PROTOTYPE!!!!!! It's not....um...finished. ;)   I didn't mean to make the shoulder straps this short. They were supposed to reach down a  little more.

Anyhow, the appeal here is completely selfish on my part. I have realized that women are DRASTICALLY different through the shoulders, and that is a serious  problem on nearly every structured piece of clothing out there. I love the idea of being able to adjust this stuff right there in person, giving a more customized fit at the festivals.
P.S. The collar lays differently with grommets...I like the way this collar lays better. I SWEAR the collar patterns are the exact same. I know. I did the cutting.


  1. Super excited to see what comes of this :)

  2. i love the idea of the two options, i always have such a hard time with anything halter-esque because i'm really short right there, and i know other people where it's too tight and they can't move.

  3. i like the grommets better. but that come mostly from a rennie point of view. D rings just dont work on a corset when your whereing it ti pennsic. i already get looks for wearing some thing not period corret. but i love your stuff to much to care. but yes please make this i love it!

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