Saturday, October 18, 2014

STAY PUT! Makeup Tools and Tricks

I already adore Heidi Klum, but SERIOUSLY, look how committed this lady is to her Halloween Costumes! What in the...what???

         So, Halloween Makeup. If corsets and body image for women is my main passion, makeup is definitely the second love of my life. I love using my face as a pallette! I LOVE colors and textures and brushes and tools and tricks!  I come from a very artistic family, in fact, my mother is an INCREDIBLE painter and sketch artist, my older brother is an environment artist for Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, and my sister is such a good cartoonist that I boil with jealousy whenever I see anything she has scribbled out onto a paper. I used to dabble in art, but I never had a really good teacher or tutor that took time to help me hone my skills (I know, I know...why didn't I beg my mom to teach me? I don't know...maybe I was too busy making my own dorky renaissance bodices to wear to high school.).   Makeup, for me, has been a fulfilling creative process, and the biggest reason I wear makeup every dang day of my life is because I love the practice in art and skills! 
You know who has INCREDIBLE makeup tutorials and costume ideas. Freaking Martha Stewart. I know she is the devil. It's fine. 

I have a whole arsenal of products that make it so I can do my things.  Oh, by the way..will someone reach into this picture and turn my own necklace around? Thanks. 
So, there are a few things that make it so my makeup stays put, and I wish someone would have told me about all of these things years ago!  I also love finding makeup blogs and tutorials, and if I didn't work 27 hours a day (this is no joke.) I promise, I would spend more time just looking at....makeup!  
I live in a part of the country that is extremely...um....."competitive" for women and their looks.  There is lots of surgery, lots of dieting, lots of fitness fanaticism, and everything else that has to do with looking better than the next lady.  I'm not here to condemn anyone, because I like to look beautiful just as much as anyone else. I find it really tedious to spend time on comparing myself to others (man, it rots your soul!), but I do LOVE the attitude of taking what God gave you and showing him that you like  it, you love it, and you're dang proud of it!!!! 

Oh, my, I am getting off topic. So, back to the women in Utah. The eyelash extension thing here is HUGE!  I love the look of long, lush eyelashes, but holy freaking-freak, the price is insane! I believe it starts somewhere around $200 for the first set, and then to get refills, it's $40-$60. Depending on how you take care of your lashes, you need to get them refilled every 1-3 months.  My true issue with them is that they pretty much destroy  your natural lashes. Once you stop, you've got..um...nothing left until they grow back in.  Now, I know that I might have a force of women descending upon me for this and telling me how wrong I am. I guess I've only known a few women that got this done, but it DOES come at a price, and not just the $$$. 

So, see the eyelashes up above? I'm obcessed with these things. You can buy them on Amazon for about 5 bucks a pack, and one pack is 3 sets.  They look amazingly natural, like the little single falsies, BUT they go really fast for application, because of the sets of 3 lashes. You could even just use a couple of the shorter ones for fillers on your own natural lashes, and it's going to look amazing. 

Makeup setting. DO THIS. There are a lot of different brands that sell "makeup setting spray". I like Urban Decay the best, and I promise, this stuff does extend the life of your makeup. Guess what I also use it for?  When my mascara is getting a little dry, and I want to extend its life and make it glide on more smoothly, I just spray one squirt of this stuff onto the mascara brush, and it magically works! 

Oh my good-golly-gee! I love this stuff so much I want to snuggle with it and watch Pride and Prejudice. Please, friends, if you are going to wear eyeshadow, put this on first. Trust me. 


  1. Nyx does great setting sprays as well. There is a choice of dewy or matte finish.

    As much as I LOVE Urban Decay, it's really not in my budget. I do use the primer potion on myself, but when I'm doing makeup for photo shoots or theatre productions (I do this as a volunteer and it all comes out of my very tiny pocket) I swear by E.L.F. cosmetics. They do a 50% off Sale in July and then again cyber Monday. Get on their mailing list.

    If you are looking for inspiration or have any questions.... I love to answer makeup questions. Gossmakeupartist is one of my favorites on YouTube, along with vintageortacky, goldiestarling, and emilynoel83

    Facebook.com/thepaintedlace is my makeup and nails site

  2. I'm a redhead so I haven't played with those little lash bits, though for photo shoots I've used some false ones.

    However! I can personally attest to both of those urban decay products! The primer was sent to me by a random stranger on the internet (thanks, redditgifts.com!) And a make up artist friend taught me about the setting spray. I performed at a wedding and in between Abney Park sets in August and between those two products, my makeup looked just as good after a full night of dancing, and even the next day after sleeping in the car on the side of the road. (If you've ever been to an Abney Park show, you'll know they love their fog machine, which means it's extra humid!)

    I wish I had known about those things years ago! And even though they're pricey, so little is required they truly do last forever.

  3. Yes, extensions destroy your real lashes and grow-serums like Latisse make eyelashes look like weird head hairs.

    But! Applying a thin layer of ordinary castor oil (pick one that is food/cosmetic grade, not art grade) along the lash line every night before sleep will cause your lashes to grow longer and stronger. It works on eyebrows, too! Even thinner oils, like olive or jojoba (the kind I use to wash my face), still have some of that effect.

  4. Makeup "setting spray" should be used to make makeup long lasting,.This is a good thing,..