Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sexy Bald Eagle

I am just so proud of this drawing that I need to make sure that I immortalize it in my blog forever.   Now, if the REAL costume can only look this cute.....
       By the way, making patterns is hard. I made the eagle hat above to put into my costume.....and even though it looks awesome on Leif, it looks wretched on me. It stuck off of my head and didn't sit right and looked more "chickeny".  

      What is even more sad is that this dang eagle hat was my FOURTH attempt! I was too ashamed to take a picture of how it looked on my face, which is why I used my baby. As you can see from the pictures, he even yanked it off and ran away. 

       And so, more pattern-making attempts for tomorrow. I have the most serious love-hate relationship with Halloween. It kills me every year. I work myself TO DEATH, every single year. I plan on having an awesome party every year, and then only manage to vaguely pull together something sloppy at the last minute. I always envision myself being a total rock star. I always end up being......just me stressed out. 

        This is me and my husband at last year's Halloween party. I figured I could be an owl, and my big pregnant belly would look like an egg.  We took pictures in front of a green screen so that we could swap everyone's backdrops out for really awesome settings that would match their characters.  There is still 400+ pictures sitting on my computer that need edited.  Wow, this is turning into a sort of melancholy post. I didn't mean for it to take this turn! I guess I might be feeling overwhelmed. Big surprise there. 

       Back to the positive stuff! I have some really neat costumes coming up, and I'm really proud of them. I know that I, alone, can never get the world out of the mindset of "I'll just get  a black corset so I can be a witch for Halloween" but goodness knows I will keep trying until I die. 


  1. I am one hell of a witch though!!! I don't do it in all black ��!

  2. I love halloween. I love costumes. And I love Damsel in this Dress. It turns out, no matter what you do for halloween, you can still have the best day/night ever. Dress up, don't dress up. Spend time with the best possible people you can, and have a blast. The party is the people, and I've learned that throughout my many years reveling in the halloweeness with my loved ones.

    also, i only just shared the photos that i took on my girlfriend trip to europe in...2000. =D

  3. So beautiful and sexy dress !thanks for sharing ! i also have a similar one and i got it from here.both the price and quality are wonderful.if you feel tired or you have time to feel free maybe you can take a look~~~