Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Grab Bag Sale & Rules for 2014

I am not always right. But, I am always right about not always being right. Also, I'm an emotional, passionate woman. Sometimes, I'm at a fabric store, looking at completely random fabric and just DYING to make corsets out of it, and I have something like the following internal dialogue:

Michelle: But, LOOK at it! There are neon periwinkle shrimp and regal chameleons wearing leisure suits printed on this fabric. AND, it's only $3 a yard. It practically SELLS ITSELF! The Damselite customers will ADORE THIS!!

Voice of Reason/Corset Gods: Michelle....seriously? 

Michelle: Absolutely, everyone just needs a paradigm shift. I can make this happen! I can make people LOVE THIS FABRIC!!! 

Sometimes unexpected fabrics really do work wonders. Yet, most of the time, the idea of a simple black corset always just wins out over the slightly less-popular fabric with the "good personality."  I don't mind this. If I were spending a lot of money, I would want a piece that would work with everything. I totally get it! Also, the color black is slimming and flattering on lots of skin tones. Once again, I get it. 

But, friends, there is a secret part of me that takes a violent thrill of pleasure when I have the Grab Bag sales. It's not just the exciting idea of NOT knowing what crazy things I'm going to send you! It's also the idea that you might meet this corset, and at first you'll butt heads, and argue, but then the tension will escalate, and you will end up kissing passionately in the mail room after you've just called each other horrible names. Wow, that was maybe a little too far. *cough*  Essentially, you might find a secret love that you would have NEVER found, had it not been for this sale. I adore that aspect, and I'm giddy with excitement about packing up these boxes.  So, without further ado....adiuew? adoo? uhdew? Without further tangeants. Here are the rules.

Black Friday Rules:
*You will get to know the SIZE of the corset in your Grab Bag, and whether or not it's an underbust or overbust corset (For those of you who don't know-underbust corsets go..uh...under the breasts.  Overbusts go....over....I try not to be too sarcastic when I get this question. Just because it seems easy to me, doesn't mean that everyone else thinks about corsets 24/7.) We WILL NOT TELL YOU THE COLOR OR ACTUAL STYLE OF CORSET.

*There are 4 Wednesday nights in November. Perfect. We have 4 levels of packages (explained below.) Week 1, level 1, and so on. HOWEVER, if there are any unpaid invoices, which DOES happen, all of the leftover pieces will be listed along with the Level 4 pieces on the 4th Wednesday. 

*S&H is INCLUDED in the price, unlike last year, where I made you all pay $15 extra. This is good because you know up front what you're getting into. However, we cannot ship for free to any other countries, and we cannot combine "included shipping" prices and refund you. 

*No REFUNDS. No complaining. You get what you get. Measure yourself CAREFULLY. If you have questions, ask them. Many people, including me are willing to help. Obviously, if you get the wrong item, or you get something that doesn't fit, I will still be more than willing to work with you on sending the correct item or items, AND perhaps working out an alteration fee with you. However, I can't refund you just because you didn't get what you thought you would get. Hopefully, that makes sense.

*Our event will be conducted right on our facebook page, through our soldsie affiliate. If you haven't registered to purchase through soldsie, they will actually PROMPT you when you comment "sold" on the item you want. If you need to know how this buying set-up works, don't worry. I will be posting and explaining it tons!

*This event is AGGRESSIVE. You need to make sure to keep your head, and not send me frantic emails. I don't respond well to "here's my fire, put it out" emails. I am always working and toiling away for my customers, and I want to help you and make sure you're happy. OF COURSE, I am going to work with you and make sure you're treated fairly. Do not send me frantic notes. 

*Above all, have fun. This year will be GREAT because there are 4 opportunities to get in on the fun. I am psyched. This will be the best year ever.....um...until next year.

*This will include 1 underbust corset in the package. It could be a wench corset, it could be a Vixen or Torian. Our Wench corsets are $79, plus $15 S&H, so at $59, the price you're getting is fantastic, even with the cheapest piece we offer. 

*This will include one overbust corset. This year, we have crossfires, new-pattern Duchesses, Over-archers, and Courtiers (This is an edit! I also put together some corsets that were a wench or Torian PLUS an overbust cropped piece. Because I didn't not include this possibility in the original details, there has been some confusion. I would have personally still considered this an overbust corset, but it seems I'm outnumbered. I am VERY sorry. The cropped pieces will only be included as an "accessory" in undebust corset bags from here on out. I will be changing some of my already packed boxes, and I hope I manage to get them all!). . Holy night, this is a steal of a deal for any of those pieces.

*This will include 2-3 items (including the corset), of our choice. Same rules for the corsets above. The extra items besides the corset could be harness ruffles, skirts, overskirts, blouses, or any little cool extra bits we want to throw in.

*Same general corset rules, plus extra items of awesomeness. Remember, we try to match things when we can. I love that part of the job.

*This level is ALSO the corset plus 2-3 items, but the extra items in this level are a bit more expensive than the extra items for     level 2. Also, since the price is higher on this level, we try extra hard to match things, when POSSIBLE. This is not a guarantee, though! Remember, the element of surprise is fun!!!

*I just want to take a moment to say how awesome these packages are. Most of our overbust pieces are $149 plus the $15 S&H, but this package includes TWO TO THREE extra pieces . You might get a Duchess, a swagger skirt, and a hooded capelet. These would normally total up to $312, including the S&H. Half off. Holy crap. That is just one example of what you might get, but you NEVER KNOW! 

*This is where coat-tailed pieces, peplums, pirate coats, and siren corsets go! All of these pieces are $250 and up just by THEMSELVES! The fact that you get 2-3 EXTRA PIECES along with them is just sensational. These are really REALLY good packages. Hands down. 

*Once again, truly awesome packages. I make every effort to ensure that you get treated like a queen when you get these. The overbust package could include a pirate coat, overbust tailed piece, or even an empire corsair or steampunk jacket, along with matching waist corset.  Sweet, sweet, sweet. 

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  1. Thank you for the info on all the great items! Can't wait to buy one and get a psychedelic shrimp corset xD