Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vision Board

           This is a little screen shot from the pinterest board that I'm tying to create for my "Vision Board".   If you've never heard of them, this is a motivational tool to help you to reach your goals. If you choose images that strike an emotional chord in you, and you visualize yourself having, being, and doing those things that are on your board, then the natural opportunities for you to achieve these dreams will come to pass.....after all, you already accepted it as reality in your mind, so the fears that block you won't be as strong....presumably. The issue is, I got seriously STUCK emotionally in a few places whilst trying to build said board.
        I read a book by the ripped lady in the picture above. Her name is Carol Whitaker (book is "Ridiculously Happy-The Secret to Manifesting the Life and Body of your Dreams") and she said that when she was working on manifesting the way she wanted to look, she found some inspirational pictures of other women that had the same coloring, and the shape she wanted, and then she used those to visualize. 
        I tried that, and I got stuck on all sorts of nit-picky, beat-myself-up, cower in the corner sucking my thumb-type of details.  But, I'm a stocky girl! But...I don't want to look like someone ELSE's version of perfection, I want to look like my own! I don't want to steal....or something like that. 
       Holy Face, I'm even feeling stuck trying to write this blog. The vision board scares the crap out of me.  How do you do a vision board without nearly wetting yourself with fear and anxiety!? Am I doing it wrong? Help me, Damselite ladies. You're my only hope. 


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I've heard that looking at images of other ladies with the body shape you want is more detrimental than helpful because it makes you feel worse about yourself because everyone is different, and you may get upset when you don't get results that look like your image, or when they don't come quickly. Each individual has a different body and what is "fit" will look different on each person. I reccomend adding images of exercise tips and healthy foods rather than images of fit ladies, to keep your head focused on your goals, but without causing negativity in your brain.

  2. Hello,
    I know some people who use photos as fitness inspiration, but I am not one of those girls. While the advice you were given may have been good for someone else, that doesn't mean it was good for you. I generally feel pretty good about my body, but looking at those pictures makes me feel kind of gross about myself. Maybe you and I need different sorts of inspiration. I really like the advice given above, finding workouts and healthy meals. For me, I found a work out channel on youtube I like and got rid of my excuse. (Excuse: no time. Solution: 10 min workout. Heck, I waste way more time than that on facebook!)
    Have fun with your vision board. That's what it's for. Put beautiful dresses that fit your crazy/lovely personality and colorful doors and delicious (healthy) foods that will help you attain your goals.

  3. Don't think. Your vision board is more like a form of meditation. You concentrate on things that you find appealing and work to be the change you want. I noticed bright reds and pink, a color of passion, and a musical instrument and fuzzy ducklings, both of which give comfort and relaxation. Your aren't DOING it wrong... You're LOOKing at it wrong.

  4. When I work on an inspiration board I tend to focus on things that bring me the most joy. Quotes that make me smile or encourage me, books that I want to read, places I want to go, projects I have in mind, costumes I want to put together. And I put all this on one board and add to it as I see fit, and sometimes even take away from it. But I find that this helps me the best. You can have a look at my inspiration board for this year here... http://www.pinterest.com/alxandi/inspire-me-2015/

  5. As far as body image on a vision board goes, here's my trick: I find photos of women doing badass things, like feats of strength, or running a marathon, or dancing, anything that shows them DOING something. I focus on the action, not the body, and think "Man, if I work super hard, I'll be able to be that badass and accomplish that super amazing thing one day." Focus on the amazing things your body can do, and work towards those, and your physical appearance will follow suit. :)

  6. I like this video for inspiration. It reminds me that looking good for other people is like icing on cake of physical fitness. Yes, I am using cake as a fitness metaphor, cake is awesome. It looks delicious and it makes me want that cake soooo much. But it generally ends up being way over sweet and boring and I'm going to scrape most of it off anyway.


  7. Um, I just found your blog through Pinterest, corset advice shopping and I just love you! I appreciate your frankness and your ability to express the fears we all feel about ourselves body image wise. I have four sisters and you look like you could be one of them!!