Friday, February 6, 2015

How Life is sort of like Sauerkraut.

       Yes, that's what I was thinking about this morning as I ate freaking sauerkraut.   It REALLY is sort of like life. Stay with me here. Not that life is all cabbage-y and fermenty, BUT it can seem to be exceptionally...uh.....hard to swallow at first. But that's just the beginning.
       Anyone who knows me personally knows  that I'm an avid reader. I plow through non-fiction and fiction books like an enraged lawnmower. I ardently adore self help books, and ESPECIALLY love learning about one of my favorite things. Food. I could read dang diet books all the live long day. I counted how many I've read through on my kindle in the past month....yes, 11.  See, since my brain is always working on my business, even though I'm completely exhausted from the idiotic 16 hour days that I find myself working, I still can't get to sleep at night. I HAVE to read to re-focus my brain. Otherwise, every negative thing that any customer has ever said to me ever just cycles (Yes, this is a serious problem. Rest assured, if you have ever said anything unkind to me, I can zealously confirm that your target hit the mark, and I probably obsessed over it and frantically tried to think of ways that I could still somehow make you happy or make you feel like you were "heard" or "validated". I have this broken brain where I truly believe that I can solve every woman's problem with a good corset. *sigh*)

         Anyhow, in the midst of my adventures, I've learning about the hip-new thing on the market. Probiotics. I think it's simply fascinating that you have this crazy colony living inside of you, and everything you drink, eat, breathe, and think affects it, which affects your whole body, and your whole picture of health. Bad gut health is linked to....pretty much everything from depression to weight loss and all of the things forever.

         I am currently learning how to make my own fermented foods and beverages (sorry, friends, not talking about a whiskey still in my backyard. Just watery, sub-par kombucha so far.) because I would much rather have a healthy happy colony of organisms where they enjoy freedom and prosperity. Maybe with my help, the bacteria down there can gain more self worth, and start setting out to start new businesses and doing entrepreneurial things! They can power through awesome feats and create..uh....bacteria facebook and google? Sorry, super weird tangeant. 

        So, Sauerkraut. This is my experience. Every single time I taste it, I think it's wretched....at first. Then, I keep chewing....pushing on.....getting used to the experience....then I sort of like it. Yeah. This ain't bad. I can TOTALLY do this! 

        The great thing is that it goes down into my body (the properly fermented stuff, not the cheaper junk from the grocery store.) and it gets to work HEALING me, from the inside out.   Yes, YES! This is totally like life!!    Life will throw these experiences at you that are like rotten cabbage water, and you're like, "Really, life....REALLY?" and then Life is like, "Oh, just you wait. It will all turn out for your ultimate good."   And even though the taste of the new, difficult, or downright crappy experience is NOT GOOD at first, because your current brain perceives  it that way, your insides start to change. The experience evolves.  You become different. You become more robust. You're better able to handle the NEXT bite of sauerkraut (rest assured, it will still taste nasty at first.). 

      I guess I like a lot of foods that have this quality. For me, the moldier the cheese, the better. And kombucha? Hecks yes. The only reason I've been better about exercising is because they put a dang health food store right  next to my gym, and so I tell myself-"Michelle, if you work out, you can go and buy some lavender kombucha that will make your eyes burn and put hair on your chest."  Yes, please. 

       Thus, the takeaway lesson? Eat more veggies. Especially if they've been sitting in a glass jar in a dark closet for days. OOoh, yeah. 

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