Saturday, May 2, 2015

Wearing Leggings, Inception, and Other Assorted Observations

I am going to get up on my soap box here real quick. I promise it won't take long...I just need to get this off of my chest. 

Okay, so the other day, I saw someone repost this absolutely wretched little meme that was all about how "leggings are great, unless you're 350 pounds!!"  hahah, Laugh at fat people and lycra.  Hahha. The comments were what you would imagine: deplorable....and it occurred to me-

Weight is an EXTREMELY hard struggle,  (one that I've dealt with on a very real level), as is emotional eating, eating disorders, and...... let's not even get INTO all of the loads of deeply painful issues that are byproducts of being overweight. You have the whole world telling you "Just Eat Less" and that is like saying "just breathe less!" or "just sleep less!". Truly, think about it. If "just eating less" were truly the answer, wouldn't every diet work, and then everyone who got overweight, went on a diet, and "just ate less" would be thin. 

I've been in a business where I have the privilege to talk to thousands of women about their bodies, and I've been doing it for 11 years. I can not POSSIBLY count how many intelligent, active, energetic, STRONG, driven women I have met who DO NOT EAT TONS OF FREAKING CRAP and exercise, run marathons, and countless other things, and STILL struggle on a very painful level with being overweight. 

Everything that I have learned and read has led me to believe that weight is not actually about the body.....it's about the power of our minds.  It's about who and what we believe ourselves to be. Holy night, it's so complicated, and I don't even have time to get into it right now, because I could write books and books on this (and other, smarter-than-me people HAVE!).

We live in a very toxic world....it is toxic both on a physical level, with what we breathe, what we consume in our bastardized food, AND what we consume through our brains. We are so lucky to have to much information and so many pictures, but it also certainly wreaks havoc on the mind.  

So, keeping this in mind, and remembering that people who suffer with extra weight KNOW how painful it is, they KNOW how unacceptable society thinks they are, and they KNOW that they SHOULD do something different, and struggle every single day because of it. 

So, making fun of them for wearing lycra makes you a bastard. Period.  That's like pointing and laughing at someone for having depression (oh, gee, byproduct of excess weight) or for losing their job, or for going through ANY of the endlessly depressing struggles that life can throw our way!!! 

I truly believe that we are all brothers and sisters here on this earth. When we choose to belittle our fellow family members, it eats away at our souls. 
And HERE is where I'm going to blow your mind!!!  *POW!!!* I am part of the problem!!!  I see posts like this, and I get really defensive, think about how much people suck, and think assorted, colorful potty words!  I get online and get all worked up about what jerks people are!!!!  And....guess what????


I'm making fun of MORE people who have emotional problems and struggles.  When you feel SO low about yourself that you feel the need to "make fun of fat people"   OR in this instance, "make fun of people who make fun  of fat people"  (INCEPTION!) YOU, YOURSELF also have deep emotional problems, insecurities, struggle, sadness, disappointment, and you're trying to avoid the VOID in yourself by pointing out the flaws in others.

The crazy thing is....the only reason you're ABLE to see these flaws in others so obviously, is because you notice them in your own life so often. You know the flaws very well. You and the flaws get together every day and have vigorous discussions over pieces of cake and Diet Coke.


Sorry, to those of you who re-posted the "Fat people shouldn't wear leggings".  If you're feeling empty and like you need to pick on people, I need to be KIND to you and build you up so that you don't feel the need to take a poo on others.

Sorry to myself.  I should be SOOOO much nicer to you, because you are a stand-out type of gal, and you truly don't need to put others down to bring yourself up. We all have light to shine, and we all have gifts and talents and opportunities, and they WON'T emerge when we're beating ourselves and others down. Don't beat down. Bring up.

Let me go put on a pair of leggings.

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