Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Big Announcements! Seriously.


Phew! Okay, I will endeavor to be brief here, as I'm frantically trying to get ready for our next 5 weekends of shows (2 overlapping.....links to events below!). I just know that lots of you are very anxious about our Grab Bag Event coming up in November, and since we actually did the bags every single week last year, lots of you might be waiting, biting your nails, with your fingers hovering over the S-O-L-D keys. You needn't worry!We have cut the event down to only 2 DAYS (Black Friday, November 27th, and Saturday the 28th)!!!  This should help with the panic and mass hysteria, and honestly, I HAD to cut down the time since I'll be traveling the whole first part of November, and couldn't send out packages if I had do!  This also means that there will be NO other Hourglass Events in November except for the Black Friday Sale; so No-Sale November?

I will be giving MORE details as to the contents and what to expect, but everything should be PRETTY similar to last year's event. The biggest change that we're making is one that I'm really excited about, and that is-
FROM HERE ON OUT, you only get 30 minutes in which to pay your invoices for Hourglass Events!!!   
The items themselves will still be available for commenting "Sold" for 12 hours, but unless you pay your invoice within 30 minutes of receiving it in your email inbox, you will lose the  item, and it will quickly go onto the next person. Why haven't done this the whole dang time? Honestly, I don't know. It's so much better for the customer that I feel dang embarrassed that I didn't change it before. You ladies will QUICKLY know whether your get your items, rather than waiting a whole dang 12 hours, and then possibly missing the email in the wait. ARg! I know!

And last, but not least, in the way of letting you gals know what to expect for the future- We will only be hosting Hourglass Events ONCE A MONTH, ON THE FIRST THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH for 2016. I realized that the really neat thing about women being able to come into our booths at festivals is that they have tons of different options, size, and accessories and skirts to choose from. I want to BRING that "festival" feel into the Hourglass Events, hopefully with more videos of the actual products and the way they move and match, and a more "personal shopper" feeling that I want to give to you all. I'm extremely excited about the changes, and I promise, they have been made by real live feedback, comments and emails, and lots of thought and prayer (yes, I pray to God all the time about my business, as well as praying for my customers!)

As always, thank you tremendously for all your support, love, and loyalty over the years. Our customers give the life, depth, and true quality to our products. Without you guys, they're just some fabric and metal. ;) 
Links to Our Shows and Festivals in November:
First up Comikaze from October 30th - November 1st:  http://comikazeexpo.com/
Overlapping this is the Escondido Renaissance Fair on October 31st - November 1st and November 7th - November 8th:  http://goldcoastfestivals.com/escondido-home.html
And Finally, The Nottingham Festival on November 7th and 8th and November 14th and 15th:  http://nottinghamfestival.com/


  1. I appreciate your hard work and that you share your talent with us. I have only followed you for a year. Though, in this last year, there have been so many changes it's been hard to keep everything straight. So, I hope the changes you are implementing bring you the changes you hope for your business.

  2. Does it email at the end of the hourglass event or right then? Not sure if we need to duck out right then or watch the rest of the event then pay.

  3. Please come to Clockwork Alchemy Con in May. We love you all!