Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Damsel Holiday Time! Special Promotions Available!

      I truly hope that this is one of my ideas that goes as well as it seems in my head, and that people can appreciate where my  heart is and where I'm coming from. Here goes....

     The other day, I was thinking about a necklace I needed, and I had remembered that one of my customers sent me a GORGEOUS one that was exactly what I wanted, except that this time I wanted it in different hues. I couldn't remember which marvelously generous and beautiful woman sent it, so I put a post on facebook, and not only did I have my answer, but I had a pile of other suggestions and links to etsy shops. What I saw was so glorious that my heart just swelled with pride at how many talented artists there are out there, and it got me thinking.......

    There are some great "Damsel" groups on facebook, but we still don't all KNOW the different shops and talents that are in this amazingly large and fascinating customer pool. I would love to have just a nice tidy LIST of shops and places where I could buy wares that are made by the very same people that support ME and MY COMPANY! I was thinking that it would be REALLY SWELL if all who are interested might want to put a nice little coupon of shop advert into my GRAB BAGS FOR THIS YEAR!

     So, not only would you get this amazing bag, (I am packing them up, and I'm already excited on your behalf.) BUT a neat pile of goodies (I am thinking bookmarks.....little look books, if your company does them.....anything you feel that you could do in this limited amount of time!) and the idea is that this EXTRA bag would be like the swag bags you get at really good conventions. My favorite swag in one of my con-bags was free tea samples, free little eyeshadow samples from a makeup company, and beautiful bookmarks for authors there.

     Thus, to make things clear:
*If you have a company that makes things that you think would be awesome for our customers (yes, it has to be hand-made. Sorry, friends.), I want tons of people to know about your fine wares.

*Think of this as a little "Renaissance Faire in a Bag". You send me a lovely little JPEG image of your wares, preferably with a coupon code for everyone, if you can afford it.  (send to seamstress@damseldress.com OR you can send physical items to Damsel in this Dress, 1452 W Meadow Ln, Mapleton, UT 84664)

*I need to have all images, physical goodies, and goodness in my hands by November 20th. I know I didn't give you a lot of time. I have ideas quickly! 

*You get free promotion to several hundred REALLY good quality fans, and we spread the love to everyone.

*My customers will hopefully feel more of a connection to each other, as they learn about other quality women and businesses and spread the word and referral love.